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    2. Shijiazhuang Kunen Trading Co., Ltd

      ABOUT US

      Shijiazhuang Kunen Trading Co., Ltd

      Shijiazhuang Kunen Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in research and development and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical raw materials. The company has a strong production and research system. At present, it has two production bases, located in Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone and Handan Feixia...


      Factory Factory Factory Factory Factory laboratoryFactory laboratorylaboratorylaboratorylaboratory

      Shijiazhuang Kunen Trading Co., Ltd.

      Company Add:Room901,buildingA,jianhua city plaza, No. 7 Jianhua North Street,Chang'an district,Shijiazhuang,CHINA
      Contact:Jeff Zhang  Tel: +86-311-89683399,Mobile:+86-18633001459
      E-mail: sales@kunenchem.com


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